Thomas Spake

Thomas Spake
Chattanooga, TN

Thomas Began blowing glass in 1994, and graduated from Centre College with a bachelor of Art. His work quickly developed a sculptural edge with a focus of interpreting the natural world whether through the pattern on the surface or recreating a natural object or creature. Moving to Chattanooga in 2000, Thomas’ began to explore an interest in public art, creating, “Maze of Light” located in the Bluff View Art District in 2001 and “Birth of Light” located in Highland Park in 2005. Another highlight for Spake has been to be highlighted in the Jellies: Living Art exhibit, 2009-2014 at the Tennessee Aquarium, featuring his hand sculpted glass Jellyfish. Thomas also feels that education is a key element to germinating a rich art community and teaches workshops out of his studio, find out more at

Thomas Spake Studios strives to create blown glass that is unique and contemporary. Texture, color, pattern, light, and motion are all key design elements that run freely through all of the Work produced, these ideas are at the core of creative process. The earth, air, and sea are the inspiration behind the Work, from the sandy ocean floor, to the arid deserts of the American southwest, from the peaks of the Rockies to the distant horizon. I am a curious observer, a witness to what takes place around me, so explore through my eyes.


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Chattanooga, TN 37405
United States
Phone: 423 596-8696
35° 9' 1.44" N, 85° 25' 0.9156" W

Artwork by Thomas Spake