Sally Jordon

Sally Jordon
Broomfield, Colorado


Sally Jordon is a contemporary abstract and impressionistic painter in Colorado.  With degrees are in Art and Education, Sally taught art for over 20 years and now is a full-time artist.  Her art has hung in over 30 group and individual shows.  Her current series of paintings are large oil and acrylic pieces with a layering technique that adds depth, dimension, richness and visual surprises.  Sally continually experiments with new ideas and new inspiration.


“I am Passionate about art, letting the color and light and line take me where they want to go.  My heart and soul go into my art and images emerge that excite and fulfill me.”


303 886-2067



13900 Lake Song Lane #J3
Broomfield, CO 80023
United States
Phone: 303 886-2067
39° 56' 55.7304" N, 105° 0' 58.1832" W

Artwork by Sally Jordon