Rene Williams

Rene Williams
Laramie, WY

René creates contemporary and abstract art from unusual materials.  Favorite materials are concrete, glass, organic materials, metals, paper and textiles.  Methods include welding, casting, sculpting, torching and fusing.  

René’s sculptures and sculpture jewelry designs have been exhibited in juried fine art shows and exhibitions in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Boulder, Colorado, Denver, Colorado, Steamboat Springs, Colorado, Laramie, Wyoming.  In 2015  René were awarded the Art Science Biodiversity Grant along with her science collaborators.  They created Science Loves Art, an entity that merges art with science.  

René is always preparing unique artwork for Cherry Creek Arts Festivals (July and the Cherry Creek at the Stanley) where the urban surroundings compliment her artwork.

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P.O. Box 1595
Laramie, WY 82070
United States
Phone: 3073995262
41° 21' 53.4024" N, 105° 52' 33.6144" W

Artwork by Rene Williams