Peter Grundy

Peter Grundy
Niwot, CO

Artist Bio

Born in Zambia and raised in Crewe, England, Peter Grundy took his Art Foundation Course at Chester College of Art (UK) where he received a Certificate of Excellence from the Chester City and Guilds. He then went on to study 3 Dimensional Design at Brighton Polytechnic(UK) receiving a 1st Class Honors.

Currently residing in Niwot, Colorado and working out of a small home studio, he is in the process of generating "Images Responding To Life" through the woodcut printmaking process.

Images Responding To Life: "I am in the process of creating an alphabet of mythological creatures - allegories of the original mythology and influenced by our current way of life, political awareness and moral stances. For example, the Griffin is traditionally considered to be the guardian of the divine. For me, the divine can be considered ones moral stance, balance and well being in life, which in this modern day is hard to guard and keep sacred.

We all get caught up in the frenetic technological pace and this image is a reminder for me to slow down and take stock of what is important, be that family, eating well, or spending real time with the things that make us feel good. That's not to say cutting out technology, but using what works and for the right reasons. The Griffin's meditative posture and state enables him to take flight without the physical manifestation of wings as in the traditional representations of the creature."

The printmaking process: "Having worked in all kinds of media over the years I use many mediums to create the images inside my head. Once an idea begins to formulate to the point that I want to show it, its at that point I start to work out how it will look as a woodcut.

Why woodcuts? Its the process of woodcuts that excites me. Thinking through how to translate an image in reverse is a challenge and dropping it down to black and white forces me to make some big visual decisions. Whats the message and how do the marks enforce or distract from that message. Along with the physical nature of carving, treating the paper with respect and care is a very cathartic process that helps me to slow down.

Seeing the ink marks made by the cut edges and the impressions made by the block itself along with the unique nature of each print, hopefully accentuates the preciousness of the images and ideas"


8687 Spring Creek Trail
Niwot, CO 80503
United States
Phone: 3038273010
40° 6' 18.7668" N, 105° 9' 3.6144" W

Artwork by Peter Grundy