Mark Zirinsky

Mark Zirinsky
Denver, Colorado

Working in gem cutting and metal forms for 47 years, recently, last 5 years in aluminum. Pieces can take from 3 hours up to many years to design, and from 30 to 150 hours each to make. I use a blend of gem cutting, carving and machining techniques to produce what you see here, about 20% of the total effort is hand techniques, and about 80% is machine techniques. I adapt tools and techniques from conventional silver and gold smithing, hand forging, gem cutting, satellite building, injection mold making, woodworking and perhaps 30 other sources; when that doesn’t work, I make my own. Each piece is individually designed, one at a time, and made in my studio, one at a time.


6035 e 38th ave
Denver, CO 80207
United States
Phone: 3033937800
39° 46' 11.2224" N, 104° 55' 4.71" W

Artwork by Mark Zirinsky