Kristin Gereau

Kristin Gereau
Waukesha, Wisconsin

As the sole designer of K. Gereau Textiles, Kristin became inspired by unique textures and bold colors; her three-dimensional work provides each wearer with the playful ability to expand their forms to their own personification. There is an ordered amount of personal space around each person that accompanies them wherever they journey. Her urban, yet elegant accessories give people the freedom to occupy that invisible space with an eclectic piece of wearable art that best expresses their uniqueness.  With the addition of a K. Gereau Textiles scarf one can transform the look of any outfit.


149 Hoover Ave
Waukesha, WI 53186
United States
Phone: 414-704-7202
42° 59' 29.1192" N, 88° 13' 46.6104" W

Artwork by Kristin Gereau