Katie Hoffman

Katie Hoffman
Wheat Ridge, CO

 My process is largely intuitive. I strive to convey inner realities, and am influenced by Jungian archetypes, fairy tales, and religious mythologies.

Using oil paint, I start with a nonobjective under-painting and no preconceptions but texture and color to enter into a dialogue with the paint itself. Though this approach to a start is indebted to Abstract Expressionism, the paintings are not completed in one dynamic session. They are returned to over a period of weeks or months, as more layers of paint, wax, and various media are added and some areas are abraded or scraped down to reveal earlier layers, in a mimicry of fragmented memory and experience residing in an invented space.

I bring recognizable imagery to the surface if it suggests itself during the process, but attempt to retain some of the ambiguity of the original vision.


Katie Hoffman earned her BFA at MSUD in 2004 and has since been exhibiting her award-winning work in galleries and cultural centers across Colorado. Her work has been featured in national and international publications. “People fall in love with her beautiful and dark, mythologically powered paintings; in a town with a vast range of styles, hers is truly unique.”- Susan Froyd, “100 Colorado Creatives: Katie Hoffman,” Westword Blogs, September 20, 2013


3385 Chase St.
heat Ridge, CO 80212
United States
Phone: 303 881 5793
39° 45' 53.964" N, 105° 3' 25.5924" W

Artwork by Katie Hoffman