Karin Connolly

Karin Connolly
Orlando, FL


Nature photographer Karin Connolly was born in Queens New York in 1968. In 1973 Connolly's family moved to the small town of New Paltz in upstate New York, where she was allowed to play in the woods,  jump from rocks and generally explore her environment.  It is said that her love of nature, which is now evident in her work is a result of these experiences she had a child.

Today, when shooting in nature, Karin Connolly searches for that perfect moment where all the elements of light, landscape and timing come together to form a single wonderful instant.  Connolly captures images that reveal a mood of an area rather than what typically gets captured in traditional photography.  "I love to record the mood of a shot, which usually requires visiting the same location repeatedly, said Connolly. "I  allow myself to be completely immersed in the surroundings. The more I visits a place, the better I can reveal the true essence of what I feel there".  

Since 1990 Connolly has lived and worked in Orlando Florida where she attended Daytona State College (Southeast Center for Photography). After obtaining a very comprehensive photography education,  Connolly worked as a freelance assistant for a variety of prominent photographers.  Not only did Connolly develop intense technical skills, but she learned how to actually run a fine art photography business.  As Connolly's skilled improved, her unique voice has clearly emerged. 

Connolly further when on to say, "Slowly I began to realize that nature photography was my passion, so I pursued it wholeheartedly.  I have also been honored to get to know, and talk shop with top photography artists such as John Shaw, Art Wolfe, Dewitt Jones and Galen Rowell."  

Much of Connolly's fine art images are soft and subtle, while others are mystical and playful and  gravitate toward elements that play with perceptions of focus.  Typical themes are "water-scapes" using long exposures which seem to capture the emotion of the water rather than creating a literal representation of the scene.  While Connolly, shoots in color much of her work is later converted to black and white using her proprietary studio techniques.  In this way Connolly can hand tone images using a combination of existing color with a hint of artistic license. 

Each Connolly piece of fine art, is protected with a unique sealant process which protects the work from moisture, abrasions and sunlight. This enables collectors to see the image without having any of the distractions of glass.

Karin Connolly has won many prestigious awards, and regularly exhibits her work in fine art galleries throughout the United States. 



6741 Sugarbush Drive
Orlando, FL 32819
United States
Phone: 4073258624
28° 27' 44.6148" N, 81° 29' 35.2536" W

Artwork by Karin Connolly