John Costin

John Costin
Tampa, FL

“The merging of my art and interest in birds began around 1988 with a series of small etchings of herons and egrets. Prior to that, my main interest was contemporary modern art, which I still use as a source of visual ideas. One of my goals is to transform the traditional perception of birds in nature, “traditional realism,” that we are most familiar with and give it more of a contemporary familiarity.

Through the bird etchings I strive to capture and personify each species, enriching the viewer’s perception of this particular form of wildlife. Many are presented life size to give the viewer an experience of immediacy that would be similar to a confrontation in the wild.”

A resident of Tampa, FL, John Costin has been a professional artist since 1979. His work can be found in various public and private collections throughout Florida and the country. Currently, he is creating a book of etchings depicting large birds of Florida, which is registered with the Library of Congress.


1905 N. 36th St.
Tampa, FL 33605-4437
United States
Phone: 813-248-5088

Artwork by John Costin