Jessi West Lundeen

Jessi West Lundeen
Denver, CO

My work is a collection of ideas and images that have followed me throughout life. I gain inspiration from nature, society and history. I paint from memory and from sheer daydreaming. I don’t always know where I want the piece to go, but that is half the fun of being an artist. Line, color, and a story become the main focuses of my pieces.


My latest urban series focuses on the dichotomy between landscape and cityscape. I like to play with the ideas of growing economies, cities, place, femininity, and power while allowing natural history to tell the background story.  Color is the bridge between visual ideas and emotional ideas in each of my paintings. I use color to highlight a certain concept or create a visual space for the eye to rest and breath for a moment.


Growing up in Jackson, WY I have had Grand Teton National Park, Teton Village Ski Resort, and Yellowstone National Park in my backyard. These beautiful places have shaped who I am and have given me the ability to see beauty in all that surrounds me.

All of my work can be seen on my website


2545 Albion Street
Denver, CO 80207
United States
Phone: 3076904733
39° 45' 13.5216" N, 104° 56' 23.0424" W

Artwork by Jessi West Lundeen