Jessi West Lundeen

Jessi West Lundeen
Denver, CO


Landscapes are the culmination of dreams, life, growth and breath. No matter what direction my art or life takes me, I am always brought back to the wild beauty of landscapes. 

Waldeinsamkeit is a German word that loosely means "the feeling one has while in nature". To me, this word describes something...a feeling, a moment...that other words simply cannot. My childhood in rural Wyoming, gave me a deep connection with the earth in many different forms. 

While my art is always changing an evolving, I find that it is very cyclical. I started out in art school focused on tight portrait drawings. I then moved to looser landscapes followed by a tight portrait, aviary, and cityscape period. I now have migrated back to a loose and abstract style directed mostly towards shape and color. 

While color is always in the forefront of my work, I find that it always follows emotion and exploration. 

Waldeinsamkeit is the basis of this latest series and the focus of my undying love for landscapes and nature. 

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2545 Albion Street
Denver, CO 80207
United States
Phone: 3076904733
39° 45' 13.5216" N, 104° 56' 23.0424" W

Artwork by Jessi West Lundeen