Cynthia Mavros

Cynthia Mavros

I always made things. Growing up in Chicago, my artwork hung in school hallways, city hall, etc.  

A young entrepreneur, I as sewing purses, blazers, commissioned work, etc, my customers were students and teachers.  I was the artist, maker, creator that everyone turned to for any creative project.  

However the analytical side of my brain took over when I went to University. Graduating Summa Cum Laude with Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, which I funded by working full time as a metal machinist while a student.

As a Software Engineer in the USA, UK, and EU writing software became my craft; part art and part skill. Designing software blends creative and engineering skills. 

During a family holiday,  my brother suggested I teach his twin sons sewing, like I taught him many years ago. The twins and I found an old blanket and made creatures. It was so much fun, I went home and continue creating original creatures as it's a CYN.

Continuing to merge technology with art I enrolled and graduated from MIT's Fab AcademyFab Lab Amsterdam. WAAG Society, NetherlandsAmsterdam, NL. Mastering digital fabrication tools from laser cutting, CNC milling, 3d printing, electronics design and circuit boards production, and much more.

Merging bygone and new techniques, it's a CYN, uses reclaimed, rescued, up-cycled, and 3d printed materials to skillfully create handcrafted characters.

Each it's a CYN's creation is her unique style, design, patterns and 3d modeling. These one of a kind creations are an assemblage of textures and colors with embellishments that include found, timeless, and 3d printed features. 

it's a CYN, believes there is beauty in nonsense, her creations awaken emotions, while evoking a sense of whimsy.


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Artwork by Cynthia Mavros