Christy Greene

Christy Greene
Clinton, MT

Artist Bio

Growing up in an artistic family, creativity was ever present. Living in rural Minnesota presented a life surrounded by animals and nature, which has been a source of inspiration in Christy’s art work.


Christy’s desire to explore these themes further led to a move to Montana and earning a degree at the University of Montana in the School of Forestry, with a minor in Fine Arts. She was attracted to the raw beauty of Montana and never looked back; here is where she has lived for over forty years.


In 2006 Christy discovered silk painting; the moment her brush touched the silk she experienced the freedom to express herself through the fluidity, color vibrancy and dimensional quality it presented. This occurs when the silk fibers capture the movement of paints and dyes, the colors intensify and the art is alive. It’s an exciting, active and fun experience.


Christy has traveled extensively throughout the world, seeing colors, shapes and motion wherever she goes, which in turn, inspires her art. She has studied with Master Silk Painters Karen Sistek , Susan Moyers, Cheri Reckers and renown artists Diane Lawrence and Kendall Jan Jubb. She has exhibited and been commissioned for her works throughout North America and Europe and is the recipient of the Silk Painters International Award.


There are endless ways to express oneself on silk: wall art, wearables and home décor are among Christy’s favored. Christy paints because it brings her joy to portray feelings, color and a vivid aliveness; and to share this experience through exhibitions and classes. She invites you to enjoy this journey through her art, arriving at a place you may wish to be, and to capture that moment--by inspiring colors in motion on silk!




6265 Pine Cone Dr.
Clinton, MT 59825
United States
Phone: 406-531-6412
46° 48' 47.5488" N, 113° 45' 58.5108" W

Artwork by Christy Greene