Bea Hatala

Bea Hatala
Danielsville, Georgia

Bea Hatala

Danielsville, Ga.

Artist Bio

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Bea has lived in the States since 1969. An artist at heart, she experimented with various mediums throughout her life, but her love for photography was always there, since childhood.

Her inspiration finds the wonder in the ordinary; her eye brings the escence into focus.

In 2005 she participated in the Cherry Creek Arts Festival with glass, a medium she has worked with for over twenty years, winning numerous awards. She is presently showing both mediums at art fairs, her fused glass as well as her photography.

Her images use both, traditional and digital methods. By scanning her negatives into the computer, she is able to resurrect dear images that would otherwise be lost in time. She is involved in all aspects of the process, from capturing the escence of her subjects, developing  the Raw file in the computer, to the various steps involved in preparing the image for printing. She uses the finest archival papers available. Her prints are then framed with archival cotton rag mats and protected under museum glass. She uses simple wood frames, either black, brown or white, whichever complements the images best. Her work is signed and numbered in limited editions of 250. Each edition includes all the sized used for that image.








2591 Rogers Mill
Danielsville, GA 30633
United States
Phone: 706 255 9051
34° 8' 12.3612" N, 83° 16' 49.2852" W

Artwork by Bea Hatala