Tree in Telluride

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Craig Patterson
Tree in Telluride
by Craig Patterson
Dimensions (W x H x D): 24in x 24in x 0.5in
List Price: $1,495.00
Shipping: $50.00
SKU: CCAF10763
Weight: 6 lb.

Printed in black and white on aluminum, this image is a view of a single tree on the road into Telluride.   The tree is about a quarter of a mile away, and the mountain is five miles away, brought forward in the frame with a 300mm lens.  Just after this panorama was taken, the sun hid behind clouds for the rest of the day.  This particular image is offered at 24 inches by 24 inches, and is one of only 10 that will ever be made. 

Why is it in Black and White?

The beauty of black and white comes into play in two ways.  First, the image can morph through any period of time, depending on your mood.  Does it represent a vintage view?  A current view?  A couple of years ago, when you took a meaningful trip?  All of these emotions and many more are available at your whim.  Once an image turns to color, all those emotions and memories are gone, and it becomes just a picture.  Second, the image can fit with any decor; modern, traditional, classic, minimalist, futuristic, and any other you can think of.  You'll be treasuring this all-metal artwork for the rest of your life, in any home.

How is it Created?

The first step is to use a 300mm lens, to zoom way in on the subject.  The structure and visible size of the panorama is then set based on the area that needs to be shot.  The next step is to take as many of those 300mm shots as necessary to completely fill the area, often more than 200, occasionally more than 300.  This can take from thirty minutes to two hours just to shoot.  Once back in the studio, all of the shots are processed to look their best, making sure to use the same processes for every image, or the image borders may be seen.  Software then helps with the stitching of the shots.  The result of this stitching is saved as one file.

For the conversion to black and white, many different techniques are used, some pioneered by Ansel Adams during his physical photography, some invented by Craig Patterson, and some traditional techniques are also used to bring out contrast in dark areas, as well as reducing contrast in brighter areas.  The final image file can be as large as 50 Gigabytes, with a resolution that far exceeds even large-format cameras.

One panorama can take up to three weeks to create using this method.  The result is an incredible pastiche of super high-resolution, high-contrast black and white imagery that is so striking, you may think it's three-dimensional!

How is it Printed?

The process to print on aluminum is similar to traditional printing, though it is much higher temperature.  One the dyes are sublimated on the surface of the aluminum, that's where the difference begins, as a clearcoat is then sprayed meticulously onto the surface, sealing the image with an automotive-type finish.  This finish is extremely durable and easy to clean, but also gives a shine and depth that is simply not possible with printing on paper.  Comparison with even the finest silver halide printing (the process most black and white photographers use) reveals that aluminum provides much darker blacks, and a super high gloss that doesn't suffer from the uneven glare that traditional paper displays.  The final touch is an inset frame that gives a floating effect when hung on the wall.  No other framing is necessary for this sleek, modern look.

When Will I Receive It?

This piece will take approximately 21 days to be shipped to your door, as it is custom made especially for you.  It is hand-signed and numbered.