Tapestry 52, 2004

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Tapestry 52, 2004
by CCAF Poster Shop
Dimensions (W x H x D): 28in x 24in x 0.1in
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2004 Cherry Creek Arts Festival commemorative poster of oil sticks on hardwood drawing created by artist Aida Schneider.


"My method is direct in approach (no sketching), and in application (color directly onto painting surface without brush or palette). By gestural strokes and deliberate marks, I demonstrate the freedom and sense of wellbeing that occur when I work. Painting is primarily visual communication. If a piece doesn’t first entice, draw in and seduce the viewer, any underlying message is lost. 

Regardless of the subject matter, art is autobiographical.  The allusions and commentary in my work relate to present-day culture and its rapid changes. At the same time, the symbols I employ hearken to my growing up in an ancient land. Arabic calligraphy and the earliest alphabets from which it sprang fascinate and supply me with a rich iconography. Sometimes these initial calligraphic marks are painted over partially or completely.  But they are there."

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