Monk with Cherries, 2013 Mini 12" x 12"

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CCAF Mini Posters/Merchandise
Monk with Cherries, 2013 Mini 12" x 12"
by CCAF Mini Posters/Merchandise
Dimensions (W x H x D): 12in x 12in x 0.01in
List Price: $20.00
Shipping: $7.00
SKU: CCAF11313
Weight: 0 lb.

2013 Cherry Creek Arts Festival commemorative MINI poster of mixed media created by artist Tres Taylor.

“There is music all around us and if we let it come through, then we do amazing things. We sing, we paint, we tell our stories. My story is told through color; and it is a story about a monk who loves life so much that he occasionally sneaks out of the monastery at night to dance with the Cuban Cha Cha girls. Wherever he goes, Daylilies bloom in his footsteps. He rides through the villages on his bicycle and throws flowers at the doorsteps to remind us that everything is illuminated; everything is beautiful. I paint my stories on tarpaper (or roofing felt) and use wood putty, house paint, and acrylics as my medium. Sometimes I will paint a story 60 feet in length on a roll of tarpaper and then cut it into smaller "palm of the hand" stories. I am a self-taught artist who believes a paint brush fell out of the sky and landed in my hand at an important turning point in my life, and through my art, I try to bring that invisible state of bliss that exists in us all to the surface. This is why I paint.“ 

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