The Lowland Tree, 2001

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The Lowland Tree, 2001
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Dimensions (W x H x D): 24in x 24in x 0.1in
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2001 Cherry Creek Arts Festival commemorative poster, original is oil on canvas created by Lawrence Mathis.

"Nature is an endless source.  I pray there, walk there, am taught and rejuvenated there.  I am fed by my intuitions of nature.  This happens in peaceful, unpopulated landscapes where intuition and instinct bear the lightest yoke.  Far from the city, where these forces are given freedom to impress the mind, doors open to many social and spiritual possibilities.  

I travel in mind’s eye, away from particulars, the deluge of minutia that convention uses to fragment reality into information.  I move toward simplicity, universality; toward elemental qualities of experiencing and making art.  I leave behind questions of objective or non-objective art trusting the all-inclusiveness of the myth and metaphor of nature. 

I love Georgia, my native state, and in that sense I continue in the romance of the American landscape tradition.  Any aspect of nature is endless when viewed with passion, and it is to me as if my little state is as large as the “unexplored west.”  I have been greatly inspired by Mark Rothko and George Inness, and greatly influenced by the composer Arvo Pärt.  I generally work from memory."

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