Pour Toujours Lavande, 2011

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Pour Toujours Lavande, 2011
by CCAF Signed Poster Shop
Dimensions (W x H): 36in x 15in
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Shipping: $7.00
SKU: CCAF10150
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2011 Cherry Creek Arts Festival Limited Edition, signed and numbered by the artist commemorative poster, original photograph created by artist John Scanlan.

"In an effort to capture the peak seasonal colors of the lavender fields in Provence, France, I headed to the Valensole Plateau in the foothills of the French Alps. Bees were buzzing around me like crazy but they did not bother me in the least as I had my mission and they had theirs. The sun rose over the Alps and beamed down on this perfect scene. I was buzzing.. or it could have been the bees."

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